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People who love fitness love www.Bodysourceonline.co.uk

Bodysource New York.
Bodysource has 3 Stores in Long Island New York and thanks to our Franchisee the first store hear in the U.K. will be opening soon. 

We will keep you posted on the openning date.

Did you know Bodysource also supplies the  JJB fitness network?.

was launched in March 2005 as an online buying site for customers in the UK, Ireland, and accross Europe Who are fitness orientated. Bodysource.com is our franchise in the USA. Based in Long Island New York Bodysource have over 20 Years experience in the Fitness,bodybuilding and supplement market. Since the e-launch Bodysourceonline has gone from strength to strength.  Our designer supplements are not just open to Proffessional Bodybuilders, but for people who just love to look good and feel healthy at cheaper cost. 

Keeping your body in shape is not cheap thats why you no longer have to pay through the nose for your supplement's, products and accessories.  With Bodysourceonline.co.uk you get everything you want Simple,Faster,Cheaper . and most importantly our number one aim is customer focus and to ensure you are satisfied every time you buy from us.

Our massive bulk buying power gives us the oppertunity to pass the savings directly on to you, the customer.  Im sure you will agree that some of our product prices are simply unbelievable.  We will do weekly price checks and tell you the saving's you make on each and every product. 

We hope you love your savings and if so press the Tell a Freind Link directly above and tell everyone you know just how much you saved.

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credit/debit card details are secured within 128-bit encrypted sessions.

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additional security measures include a security key that is used to produce an MD5 hash value. Hash values are often used as digital signatures as they cannot be reversed to obtain the original information. They allow the receiver to validate that the information received is identical to that sent.

The possibility of obtaining sensitive information from the Protx VSP database is minimised due to high levels of encryption; firewall security and the measures taken to ensure the information is indecipherable.

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