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Product Name: Barefoot Coral Calcium
Brand: Barefoot
BENEFITS FOR: Arthritis Alzheimer's Disease Cancer Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Diabetes Eczema Fibromyalgia Gallstones Gout Heart Disease Headaches Hiatal Hernia High Blood Pressure High Cholesterol Hypertension Indigestion Kidney stones Leg Cramps Lupus Muscle Cramps Osteoporosis Sleeplessness What is Coral Calcium? Calcium is an important natural health supplement that can provide incredible health benefits. Coral calcium itself is much more than just another calcium supplement - it is actually a very valuable natural mineral supplement. In the Robert Barefoot scientific balanced formulation, there are also complementary vitamins to facilitate absorption. This formula contains vital nutrients including vitamin D and certain added trace elements, and were proposed by Barefoot to enhance the benefit of coral calcium as a versatile and potent mineral supplement.
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