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21x MEGA PRO 50 (50 Grams of protein per bar)
MEGA PRO-50 Before Peak Body Nutrition introduced the mega pro-50 bar, the protein bar market was boring. We had small bars with a handful of protein and an OK taste, or we had bigger bars with 30 grams of protein that were so full of sugar that the whole concept of a healthy, nutritious bar was seemingly lost. The mega-Pro-50 bar is scientifically designed to meet the needs of the hard training athlete seeking to boost recovery rates and increase strength and muscle mass. With 50 grams (yes you've read that right) of quality protein in every bar, along with low glycemic carbohydrates (only 9-16 grams of impact carbs per bar) and low fat content, the mega-pro-50 bar is the ideal addition to a healthy, low-fat diet. Who would benefit from using the mega pro-50 bar? The mega pro-50 bar is a body builder's best friend. Never before was it so easy to get 50 grams of quality protein, low-carbs and low-fat, yet satisfy your taste buds.
Price: £45.00

Peak Body Flap Jack Bars x21 bars
HI-PRO PROTEIN FLAPJACK 21 bars The Hi-Protein flapjack is quite possibly the only flapjack that can truly claim to contain over 15 grams of Whey ...
Price: £22.00

Pro Bars (28 Peakbody Bars) 27G Protein
PRO-27 28 barsThe benefits of good nutrition are well known to the athlete seeking to provide themselves with that vital edge over the competitors. ... more info
Price: £41.00

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